Monitoring Time Like Money

An education in personal finance promotes a carefully examined life. Once you create a system for the money problems, it makes sense to re-use it. You've heard the expression: time »

Let's Talk About Unhappy Customers

My wife has spent the last two weeks interviewing property managers in Richmond, Virginia. We spent some time LinkedIn stalking, calling references, and checking on addresses they already manage. We »

Placing a Figure on Personal Investment

We've been having this conversation in my home over the weekend. What's the right amount of money to invest in ourselves? When we get right down to it, some of »

What Are We Tracking? Emerging Markets Edition

I've written a lot about the popularity of low-cost ETFs An incredibly solid vehicle for investors who want low burden of analysis and high diversification. If you engage in robo »

Practicing Inbox Zero

I am a devotee of GTD: The famous Getting Things Done system for productivity. It was first popularized by David Allen. It's probably the only reason I've ever had a »