Can't Decide? Split the Difference

I love Vietnamese food. The big date in my home is a short 7-train ride out to Thai Son in Jackson Heights. For those of you that live in New »

I Maintain, My Feelings on Grain

Bad Religion, the 1980’s punk rock band released their seminal Against The Grain record just a little over 25 years ago. The album muses at length in topics of »

The View from Downtown: Salt Lake City

I had the good fortune of traveling to Salt Lake City this week for a tech conference. ng-conf is what it's called, and it's held at the Little America Hotel. »

My Hometown, Evanston, IL

Belt Magazine described Evanston Illinois amongst the finest ‘Inner Ring’ suburbs, in their recent article: The Complications of our Deteroriating Inner Ring Suburbs. Evanston, counted amongst the midwestern greats like »


REIT - A acronym I’ve heard on Bloomberg News REIT - Something my brother-in-law told me to buy in 2012. REIT - An institutional investment vehicle. REIT - »