The Index Card, Book Review

Last week I picked up a copy of The Index Card, by Helaine Olen and Harold Pollack. Olen, a personal finance writer who came into public view as writer and »

Network Effects

Imagine your favorite diner. It's Saturday morning, and an old Gandolf-like man approaches your booth. He sits down, orders a coffee. You are confused, but before you can even ask »

Use Expensify for Receipt Tracking

I use expensify to track investment expenses and charitable donations. The free tier is great for individual investors, sole proprietors, or people who like keeping receipts for any reason. The »

5 TODOs for Holiday Rest

Only someone with my sick idea of rest could develop a list for things to do in order to maximize relaxation over the holidays. Disclaimer: Effects could vary depending on »

An Opportunity Cost Primer

There has been some optimistic chatter of late. With the Federal Reserve's recent rate hike, it's expected that interest rates on savings accounts are quick to follow. And thus suggested: »