Millionaires start investing early

I was asked this question recently for an article pitch: What’s the value of investing early? Without resorting to talking points and Fidelity Fiduciary wisdom (why did I always »

Secret Shame Meets a New Normal

Last week, Neal Gabler wrote The Atlantic cover story entitled: The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans. Gabler's piece is heartfelt and very personal. Such honesty is most rare in discussions »

Tonight, I Burned Through My Task List

I have a confession to make: My task list has been growing in the last few weeks and I have been ignoring more than a few items. I am huge »

Your Socially Responsible Guide

A good friend recently reached out to me for some investing advice. His question for me: So I'm beginning to dip my toes into the stock market. And my main »

The Implicit Long-term

This week Umair Haque shared some tremendous observations on our cultural obsession with efficiency. You can read it via Harvard Business Review, here. As a technologist, I am extremely familiar »