Learn Resource Responsibility from Elephants

Zambia: a small country in land-locked, south-central Africa. Known for its mining industry, wild animals, and fantastic view of Victoria Falls. On a recent trip, our party had a never-ending »

Automated Rent Comps Via Padmapper

How to go about creating rent comps for any zip code in the US. Pull down data for yourself and for your investing partners. Leave me some comments or give »

How to Plan an Anniversary Fund

My friend Adam Parrish recently gave me an idea for a very novel investment. He has created four separate funds, each are robo-advised. These four funds are targeted at four »

Evaluating ETF Liquidation Risk

Healthy skepticism is, well, healthy. Many of my colleagues in real estate advocate an investment approach of great skepticism. A skepticism targeted at Wall St. and the institutions that 'perpetuate »

Distance API and Multi-City CSV (IV)

The fourth video in our series: Answering Data Questions, Using Python. Using the Google Maps distance API with multiple cities on a spreadsheet. Resources Mentioned Python Module of the Week »